Reviews for "Captain R: Game Ranger 3"


aim for the crotch . . .


Sorry but that really sucked. it did have some funny parts, but the animation was just awful, and the voices were pretty bad quality. i mean, its probably just me. but i'll give you a 9 cuz everyone else thinks it's pretty good. sorry if i'm just bein a dick, but i'm just writing my review.

Sunrie responds:

Nah, you're just being a moron, not a dick. See, a dick writes more like a troll, but has substance. This, however, isn't even close to being the quality of a troll. You can write a review and not be a dick or a troll as well, imagine that.

Oh, and thanks for the 9. Great way for thinking for yourself and not being a sheep. Hey, by the way, a bunch of people have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, too. You might want to give that a try.

4.25!!! WTF

i don't understand for the life of me why people like these amateur sprite shit flicks. I found nothing even remotely interesting in it, it was like watching a really bad home movie only with sprites. You get 2 out of 10 for effort. Id give you a tip to better your animation but apparently people think this counts for being good.

Sunrie responds:

And yet it got you to waste your time with a terrible review on what you think is a terrible movie. Congratulations, you win wasted time. Sorry, can't give any of it back to you.

Oh, and did you see that it won an award? How many have you won? Oh...none, that's right. And they aren't scored very high, either.

That little thing?!

You mean that evil K is [Beep]... Ooooh your are good... really good. Give use a bunch of guy's with a name that starts with "K".... I just love how Ron sounds when he has killd [Beep] Just soo full og him self :)

Sunrie responds:

Haha, yeah, Ron is a huge ass. We're working on GR4 right now, so don't worry, there will be even more.


Kirby suks too much to be evil k

Sunrie responds:

*LMAO* That's why you don't see it coming