Reviews for "Captain R: Game Ranger 3"

great job

i was into the story lol.

Sunrie responds:

haha, thank you very much. The story is very important to us as well, which is why we spend so much time on it.

hahah pat my own back

I'd say we did a pretty good job with this man. I wouldn't pay no mind to the idiot below me. We can't make EVERYONE happy with a submission.


Sunrie responds:

Yeah, I'm not. Don't want to look like dicks, so I was polite.


The story is almost as bad as the voice acting.

Oh wait, it's worse.

Sunrie responds:

Thanks for the absolutely WORTHLESS review


It was great. It was funny, the sprite battles were great, the story is cool but it also has its downsides:

Some of the voices are pretty bad. Ken's voice was great, so was Sonic's, but Shadow's and GameRanger's voices were over-done and annoying to listen to.

It was good, but it also suffers from "Sprite comic-itis" in which the characters cuss non-stop to try and yank a chuckle out of the audience.
But, good work.

Sunrie responds:

From Sunrie:
I'm glad that you enjoyed the battles. I was a little worried that there wasn't enough "oomph" in the action sequences.

Everything is going to have a downside, sadly. Really, the cussing was cut down massively compared to older episodes in the series, and the only person who swore was Ron, save for Sonic saying, "Son of a bitch!"

It's kind of surprising to hear that the two voices you chose you felt were over done compared to some of the other deliveries. Thank you for the feed back, though.


That and many other lines make this movie classic! Impatiently waiting for part 4!

Sunrie responds:

From Sunrie:
You can always say one thing about Ron: He knows what he will and won't do...at least in his own mind!

Game Ranger 4 is going to start off with the slapstick right away.