Reviews for "Journeys of Reemus: Ch 3"

Nice work man! 5 stars :D

Great game, replaying it after a few years. I ran into a glitch, though. During the segment with the politician roach, if I click the left arrow on the first screen, the whole screen goes black and the only way to get out of it is restarting the level.

Found a glitch on the last level in the path of aggression. When you click the arrows while Reemus is on the pressure, it still thinks Reemus is on it.(and not Reemus is definitely not a cuddler if he won't cuddle himself.) But great game, great series, 5/5 hope it continues and doesn't die off.(not the deathslugs, of course.)

This was fun and of artistic quality, as all the other games in the series. Also an original idea to split the world in two, and base the path on a decision taken. Keep it up!

Best entry in the series yet! There's a lot of cool features, so I made a list.

+ Great story, characters, and setting.
+ Music.
+ Graphics.
+ A lot of interactivity. We can pick up items and carry them around, and Reemus or Liam go out of each other's way.
+ Fun and creative puzzles
+ Character switching. It's really great to be able to control both of them individually, going between the scenes, both having different dialogue, mentioned going out of each other's way etc.
+ Two game paths and endings

- Even though we have two different paths, the game is way too short. :( it's such a joy to play we don't want to stop.

Overall: 9/10