Reviews for "Vector Boom"

I think I love you

This is the kind of thing that makes me stay on newgrounds. A ship with exploding blue balls? HECK YES!


but... it would be nice to have a popup that asks you to sign in... i spent 2 hours trying to get medals only to realize I was not logged in...

HeroInteractive responds:

If its any consolation, medals aren't working right now. We're racing to get them fixed however. :)

Really frickin' awesome!

i really liked this game


Great game i mean this is the first game i played were you have to click and drag to kill enemies 5/5 and 10/10.

Quite addictive.

This was very fun,the concept of it was neat having a giant space station firing huge lazer booms against an armada of space enemies,the control was great and easy to handle so honestly it fit really good for me cause i didn't think it was easy really but did beat it my first try,overall i think you did a great job on this game.