Reviews for "Vector Boom"


Great game play, great effects and I have played this on a different website.


i love the music really nice choice like the fact that you not playing the good guys wich is a change 10/10 5/5


this game is pretty good...lot's of fun in it too.

Expertly Done!

Graphics: 9/10 - Very cool backgrounds, good cinematics, some cool fading and glow effects, great graphics for the spacecraft, although the minion spaceships seemed a bit simple.
Sound: 10/10 - Music didn't get old, nice quality, very satisfying explosion sounds.
Style: 10/10 - Everything about it was awesome!!! Great art style, great gameplay style, very neat concept, everything was delicious!
Gameplay: 15/10 - Very good style of gameplay. I love how a new player is instantly handed incredible power, although it's their job to be responsible with it. Also great about it was how simple the gameplay was, and how there were so many levels of difficulty. Upgrades were definitely cool, but more than anything I loved the way the player attacked. Very original and easy to use.

This game was an absolute joy to play!!

sweet game dude

i unlocked the money bonus because i finished the story :P
so i could buy all upgrades in survival :P
wave 537... that's sick XD

great game