Reviews for "Vector Boom"

I just

loved it


the game is fun and addicting. I like how it is only 10 levels and you add more enemies at an appropriate rate. It isn't repetitive because of those two factors and I disagree with everyone else, you have more than enough cash throughout the game. The survival mode was quite fun, I got to wave 500 and then died. I am a little concerned because the medals I earned haven't appeared yet. I hope they aren't glitched.


funner than i thought

Glorious game

i love it ;)

Beaten It!

Awesome game dude, good job!

Took me an awful while to beat and the last boss was FUCKING hard! Seriously, good job! It's a challenging sci-fi game...what more can I say?

A few suggestions though...MAKE VECTOR BOOM 2!

And add few more levels like 20 more or so and more upgrades...probably new ships too?

I enjoyed this game! 5/5 10/10!