Reviews for "Vector Boom"

Very good game

This one was quite fun and addicting! I usually lower a bit the score if medals aren't working and there is no warning about that. However, this time I won't do it, as this game was so much fun that it will be no problem playing it again to get thos medals when they do work!


Addicting But a challenge

Very fun and simple, needs better income

I loved this game, its good as a defense game.
My only complaint was in the recharge time, but there was an upgrade for that, so I changed my issue to how fast you get money. It took 2 levels to get my first recharge upgrade (from lvl 1 of course, Im sure it takes less time later on).
The power ups were fun, I enjoyed the unfair edge Max Power gives.


kool game

Nice game

I like the concept and the graphics, the game goes easier after some levels, especially the last one when you have your base fully upgraded.