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Reviews for "OCD+"


This Game is Amazing. I have no time to get these metals but I still want to try... Thank you


As evil as it is ingenious! i got one of them :) can see how to get another 1 by straight cheating :p and another by bending the rules slightly...
love it!

huh huh huh

ok well this is the biggest pain in the A** (not sure if we can curse).
But! It really does challenge you, and that's what makes it so great. Sadly I have to go back to my fathers house were i cannot use any GOOD computers, but I will conqueror this game some other time soon....I will. lol no jp, but i will

Great game

this game is fire

the big o is awesome smoked the two people i was playin buy 1800

waiting 14hrs

i just left it up and did everything else in a new window lol
10 stars for being a professional asshole lol