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Reviews for "OCD+"


i may just have to stab you in the face!!!!


holy hell i almost got the k one then my lil bro scared me : ( nice game

this game is evil

its annoying... its evil ... its insane... its intense real determination (or going mad) is what it would take to do this but tre are a bunch of easy way through all the games

An evil, EVIL game.

I got an hour through War Hero before the gun noises got to me, this was with loud music and war games playing over the top of it, I just couldn't drown it out. I didn't get 208 at all. I couldn't find something suitable to sit on the 'K' to keep it down, so I didn't bother with that. I had about 2 go's on Big O before realising that without some mad h4x I'm never going to out click one of them. The pianist made me realise how out of practice I am at typing, and when it started typing in foreign languages rage quit; if any of the letters further down on that one have accents then it would truly be harsh.

The menu music also reminded me of Fallout 3 somewhat.

So, all in all; its a horrible evil game that I'm going to try my best to forget about and never play, much like 'The Game', if you see me in a few months time with medals from this game you know it finally completely broke me, and it takes a lot for a game to do.


smart but evil,you bastard keep it up