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Reviews for "OCD+"

lol yay evil

well at the time of this review i have earned the "k" medal but i plan to earn all of them ^.^ lol great game

What I think

This game is all around terrible the games are so nerve wreaking and headache inducing. I literally feel like something is standing behind my eyes balls and yanking on my optic nerves. "The pianist" nearly drug me to the cliff of insanity and held me over the edge by my ankle. I want to crawl into the nearest corner and die due to how terrible this game is. As much as I hate to say it. great job.

to beat the type game

look up human language on google then copy the wiki of it into the game done.


I love this game.

Shut and 208 are brutal

Its a novel concept...but just way to demanding...especially SHUT and 208