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Reviews for "OCD+"

I Laughed

This shit is for real? I am really going to look up people who have been holding a button for an hour, and entering codes every 204 minutes for 3 days long. Amazing!


It's painful to even try complete this. You've outdid puzzle games and timekillers everywhere


I have one medal from this.. cuz I won't cheat.. there's no point in winning if you're just gonna cheat to do it... I clicked that f***ing button 11,000 times (you have to go another 1,000 if you click on it one too many times)!!!! @_@ I held my finger on the K button for about 17 minutes before my palm hit my touch pad.. >_< And I had an hour in SHUT when I accidentally closed Firefox.. awesome game though.. I've going to forget about this now and move on with my life.. o_O

i hate youuuuuu

so... addicting.... must... stop... playing....


im cheating on this game soo i got medals
good game