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Reviews for "OCD+"

This is ridiculous

I give you a 9/10 because it is really awesome to have those Ideas. Yet, if they were a merely joke I'll give you a full vote

the most challenging in the world!!

i can get the medals because:
my finger hurt after the 3000 clicks
i dont got time
i dont understand what i need to do in 208
im not so fast to push the buttons
and i dont know what i need to do for the secret medal

but this game is a challenge more hard than every record in the world
are you sure if dont exist cheats for this game?


wow i dont have time for that


Well.. It's an ok idea, but really is evil. Because of my OCD (I half lolled when I thought about it) I had to leave the computer running over night for the 14 hour darkness..
I like some of the ideas though. Just a 'typer' would be cool.

Interesting game. If it's ok with you, I don't think I'll play it again ;)

easy ways to get medals

use nickles to hold down the key, set a timer for 55 minutes and take the nickles off after the hour

Show Contestant
tab+enter for about 16.6 minutes

war hero
open the game in a new tab and let time run out

Human test subject
http://wismty.newgrounds .com/news/post/336845

the pianist
http://max15946.newgrounds. com/news/post/328469

John Locke (Secret)
in the 208 game type in the code "4 8 15 16 23 42"