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Reviews for "OCD+"


Congratz to the first person who gets the "Human Test Subject" achievement
For me thats one of the hardest achievments ever.
Till now i have only been able to get the medal of the 10000 clics (Wow my fingers got tired)
But good game! Awesome idea and with this you made a huge challenge for us Medal Hunters :)
I think that the secret medal you unlock it when you get all the other medals.
Good Luck to everyone!

You sir, are one sick monkey :D

very creative game, and you created it with an intrensic dark energy that emits from my laptop screen when i play it.

I'm awaiting the first headline in the paper where someone dies from trying to complete this game without leaving their computer or something lol

thers a trick

thers a trick for the one with the pressing the O if u want to know it then just send me a message or summin coz this saves u atleast sum load of time xD
Btw the game is awesome but if u dont have the time to play it then its crap i will find more tricks xD just to make it easier lol if u want to know the tricks i alredy found then just message me ^^


As it should bem ake those people work for these medals.

I've gotten 4/6 Medals =D

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