Reviews for "Gravitaxis ++"

This is Amazing

It sucks the guy dies though. Anyways, this is the kind of thing I wish I could do. Original characters in a crazy fantasy world that could never exsist in reality with things going on as unique as the ones involved. I am jealous of your talent.

A great animation!

I really like this flash because it's really good animated and I think you deserve my 10 and my 5.

Good work.

great ,but

Vinnie, your flashes have been getting kinda darker lately. I mean sure they've been getting better with each one no doubt about it, but just in the last one that crazy chick blew the school lab to bits, and in this one the guy pretty much dies in the end (beginning). they are great but I'm starting to get a little depressed when I watch them.


That last review totally has it backwards! ++5000000 for the Video!!!
Amazing - fluid, creative and beautiful.
I think the <<RWD made the story more compelling. You keep encountering new things, and only in the end do you get a glimps of what's really occurring.
Simply awe-inspiring. Possibly the best animation of yours that I have seen in terms of its effect on me.

10 for the Video, ++5000000 for both Audios.

Could NOT have picked a better sound for this video. I wonder if Vinnie was inspired by Samuel Zone to do the animation of if it just worked. Either way, it was an awesome blend. BUT I WANT THE SONG AND CLICKING BUY! DOESN'T GET ME THE SONG!!!!