Reviews for "Gravitaxis ++"

nice graphics



i just can't get enough of this. it's so fantastically awesome. it's like a bunch of sugar fairy's with crack in their heads forced their way into my brain and started partying. i love it.


This is one of the reasons I love newgrounds.

that's a pice of art

its cool how you dit that ,,
i just dont get the hole story ,,
just put the real story in it forwards ,,,

well heres my guess on the story

guy has some type of drug (good/bad) that the government doesnt want to get out. so he jumps from his doorway up into the sky and tosses a bunch out to everyone and gets caught in mid air by a cop and then tossed higher looseing control and then it all follows his decent. either way if im wrong this was a fantastic piece of work. would be nice to see it backwords but i wont complain futher than that