Reviews for "Gravitaxis ++"

good job

nice work but what i like best about the vid is the muisc . . . keep up the good work

Beautiful! A journey unlike any other.

I loved this so much, everything was fantastic and the music blended perfectly with the backwards journey.

You have a very unique and fantastic style, keep it up man!


i love your style of work.

little shifty or just boring at parts

the area where he's at the edge of space was a little drawn out for my tastes, as well as the beginning on the ground.

WOw, Increible! xD

Y pensar que llevo tantos a~os y nunca vi esto!
I Love it D: Your style is awesome! And I dunno, I've been seeing your flashes, cuz I loved Hoy Te Amo++ and now that I see these other ones. Wow, these flashes are awesome :)