Reviews for "Gravitaxis ++"

You're good with telling stories, that's all there is to say. Enthralling all the way through.
Thank you!

As I posted on the Youtube video of this (www.youtube.com/watch?v=35vIKkTdS4o, give it views too guys), I thought it was "Awesome! So dreamy... I wish more flashes like this were uploaded on Newgrounds nowadays".
Yeah, awesome and dreamy... that was when I didn't see the "forward" version!
I even thought at that time that the cop was a fellow flyer like him or something, though the scene where she catches him then releases was weird and I was like "wait, what?" (that was after my first view of the flash only)
Then I saw the FORWARDED version : www.youtube.com/watch?v=E96WHRXVJ5M
HOLY SHIT! I never even thought that was so serious!
The guy is followed by guards so he uses his shoes to go up, then a cop tries to catch him and he puts drug in her eyes (as proved by the fact that she loses muscle control and the clouds start to be pink) and then when he's up either the batteries in his shoes died, or he just turned them off and let himself fall to kill himself (I think that's what he actually did... since he was followed by the cops anyway and all that). And ofc, at the end he just closes his eyes and... "splat".
Holy shit, this flash is AWESOME while seeing it backwards (original one), and totally unexpected when seeing it forward!
Honestly one of the best flashes I've seen on Newgrounds, it's even combined with an awesome music I instantly downloaded.
5 stars, 10/10, I love you, I'll even add you in my favorite authors!

I now know how it happend he was excaping the cops so he used anti-gravitational boots

wo/man , you made art...

Loved the story, keep up the good work!!