Reviews for "Gravitaxis ++"

love it

dude i love everything you do plz keep it up and can you suggest som spanish rock i com listen to

the best

vinnie yur the best.

Ikasu! (Japanese for Brillant )

Mind Blowing Gravitaxis defiantly one of a kind, I've never seen anything like it. The music for it was a perfect match as well!! The whole idea with <<RWD absolutely genius. Inspired me to create an animation Thanks!

... What a trip

I really wish I could watch this in a chronologically flipped order >_> because it's obviously in reverse. And what happens *after* he hits the ground? He just fell from ORBIT! The natural gravity of the world CCC is in must be very low...

WOW!!! I will try to explain

so the guy is harboring some sort of drug that no one is allowed to have but everyone wants so he tries to escape using anti-gravity boots so when that one officer in the air with him took one of the drugs and let him go he is kind of like robin hood breaking the law so the people of his village can be happy. And by the way YOU ARE AWSOME!!!