Reviews for "Candy Land"


This is so amazing and hilarious. The flash and audio were great. It really reminded me of the WWI newsreels we had to see in History about WWI. This is so great. The only problem is the fact that it's way too short and ends too suddenly. You have to make The Battle of Candyland a series! I'll be offended if this doesn't get front page.

Good work!

The animation and the story's just awesome! :) Great job!


Really good animation!!! and quite funny too!!! The only thing is the super uber wide screen :\ I could have done without that...

Jon-L responds:

Ya its a problem with the export..... nothing like trying to squeez down a 1920 x 1080 file into 550 x 400 file..... but hey, what can ya do.... it was origonally made for cold hard flash, and after it was featured there i was like, why not put it on here....

That is cool

man that was just epic


great movie