Reviews for "Candy Land"

I loved it

absolutely loved it. loved the way the screen flickered like it was an old clip played on a crappy film projector at school or something. also the choice of music "the ride of the valkyries" was brilliant 10/10 5/5

Very good, if a little short.

I really enjoyed it, it's just a shame it ended so abruptly. Still it is really fun especially seeing as you made it in a week. Good job, I look forward to seeing more of your work :D

Candy Land

my faviroute film on newgrounds 20/10


really, really good, if it had been longer, i would have made it a 10. i feel bad now, im eating candy... =S


what I liked about this short that most other action shorts dont have, is that the action wasn't just in focus. In the backdrop, there was plenty more fighting.