Reviews for "Candy Land"

Goood but

Graphics- I liked the graphics, the old style movie reel was a nice touch.

Sound- Excellent sound quality and very matching.

Concept- This is the only real flaw. We have no background on anything. We know its a war but why? What happened? Maybe you could make another clarifying these things. But all in all a very good submission.

Epic :-)

This is great! I loved the old film effect and the songs, the graphic is well done.. A very good job!

I hope we give them all stomach aches

This was a pretty darn good flash video.
The artwork was good, the storyline was well developed.....for a candy war.
Now we know why too much candy is bad for you and where all the stomach aches come from. The candy is dropping hand grenades in our bellies!!

Keep up the brilliant work!

Nice flash

Good visual too.
but war is booooooring. do you know any other living being that goes to war?
As the answer has to be no, you used candies...
sorry I just don't understand war so I can't like the story but you have a good score in overall


I've never seen that kind of candies before :)
good work