Reviews for "Candy Land"

coolest war story yet!

It was an awesome cartoon! It seemed like it was on TV and I think it could make it to TV! but it could've been longer but still! Great NG history coming!


i had to do something like this in college. i recall i took the line agent smith says in the matrix "I must get out of here...I must GET FREE" and applied it to a hamster in a tank.

good cinematography
really good explosion graphics
good short overall

kudos on using flight of the Valkyries
also kudos on subtle use of optimus prime


the animation was really cool, too short though.

Its an 8 from me

Great concept and style the two really work well together and create a short and enjoyable animation

i liked it.

Summary: The detail and animation was pretty amazing. The humans looked fell a bit flat in my opinion but the explosion and everything else was compelling. Considering you only had a week I can understand why it was short. I didn't really mind the quality, it was fine. The story though a bit strange was slightly humorous but well executed.

+great animation and detail: +20
+good style: +5
-Humans a bit bad: -1
-A bit ridiculous: -1

Overall: 23/27= 85% 9/10 | 4/5

~Da Bomb Productions~