Reviews for "Candy Land"


amazing style and really good drawings too, can't believe you did this in a week...
great job

It good

I have to say there was some good animation but the thing is you exported it into another program to get the old film effect and it really lowered the quality and in the beginning it was a little boring. But overall it was pretty good.

Jon-L responds:

hehehe no no..... read the comment under the film.....

pretty good

only thing that bugged me really was how close the text was to the edge, which for one isn't title safe and it's just not as appealing, but that's just me :/

Damn it Steve!

What have I told you about keeping the TNT in the control room?!

Nice work. Funny, and generally crazy. Well animated too.


You have done very good job with the animating! : DD