Reviews for "Candy Land"


Yeah there are AKs in the Great War!
And the English candies were using these weapons...


that was epic!!!!! do like a humen version tho awesome animations


pritty good, u should make dis into a game


This was one great little animation. I suspect the quality is what got your score down here, but I won't mark you down for that.

Very smooth animation, very nice style and story. It reminded me alot of the worms2 short animations for some reason. The style is pretty similar. I love the way you gave it the 'movie flicker' to make it seem like a feature film. I'm a sucker for that effect because I'm a big cinema fan.

Couple of things. First, the text as mentioned before. It was a little hard to read, some of it could be down to the quality, but I think you should think about repositioning the text or changing the size. And also the timing. The 'Candy Land' title hung around for a tad too long while the backstory text was gone in a second. Not that it's such a big deal, but certainly deserves some thinking there.

Another thing is that you mentioned about candies, but these guys certainly didn't look like candies in my opinion. You could've taken the candy idea and really pushed it, like having a lollipop or some candies in sweet wrappers or some candy canes or something. Maybe even a box of smarties or mints. I dunno, but if you're gonna make them candies, take it all the way.

The music was a good choice for the most part, but I don't think it's that fitting for the victorious little bit at the end. Or maybe they weren't victorious yet, but it certainly seemed like they were, but the music didn't help that suggestion. Perhaps selecting a different part of that song? I'll give you a suggestion to illustrate my point. If you go tube the song 'o Fortuna' and listen, you'll find the tension in the entire song and the perfect release at the end. You need something like that if you're going to end the flash with the victorious candies.

Very nice slick animation. Beautiful animation and style. Push it a little and it'll be even better.

Really really good!

i thought that was really good!
The only thing i must say is there needed to be more sound.
The text in the beginning would have been better if read out loud,
When the solders won i wanted to hear a "Yah!!!" Or "Woot!!"
or something
The ending kinda was cut short and the song really needed a resolution like
Ba Baaaaa
just to tell the viewers "The end"
overall it was really good just some small adjustments would be great!