Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy"


love the game, and im glad people havent forgotten the better fighting style of FF after 12 came out

The regiice and registeele combo was too hard for me to beat

great job though


It was awesome but when your fighting 2-3 guys you can only see the first guys health bar so u dont know how much longer its going to takr for the others to die but other than that AWSOME!

Good game.

Wow, one of the best games I've seen on Newgrounds. You should uncensor the tentacle bit though. It sounded hot.

Well done.

Down right awesome

My God, this was an amazing game.

It's hard to ask for more from such a great game, yes just like everyone else saying maybe a storyline. Maybe.

A save system is really needed when doing the harder difficulties.

Or if not even that how about when you unlock a badge you're able to jump to that point where you unlocked it to continue from there.

It'd of been nice to be able to purchase new weapons or armor, but the system as is... it's just amazing, great job.


like the name sais.
i liked it how you start with all the spells and the spells itself where awsome.
oh, and make a sequel :)