Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy"


one of the secret medal u need to get a game over

P.S i agree with the guy below me


This was one well made game and had lots of awsome spoofs and stolen charicters which i didnt mind and personally thought were funny and awsome

and what supprised me was that you stuck canti from FLCL in there!

p.s. Lol At the tentical monsters Censord attack


the game is very good, but the mecha, and the defenders are very very hards, I can't beat the mecha


I can honestly say that that was the most epic thing I have played in a long time.

The animation was good, though I think that some of the lesser magic animations took a little to long. (Like the zombie ghosts and their "Debuff" double circle glow thing.) (But for animations like Catastrophe, longer animations are expected.) And I also thoroughly enjoyed wiping the enemies across the floor to see the characters have the same reactions I do. The final boss was amazing, truely epic.
Honestly, the only thing that I can possibly ever say what was wrong AT ALL with this game, is something so insignificant, that it probably even shouldnt be mentioned. When drawing your characters, try moving their nose over to the edge of the face just A LITTLE. It will make their faces seem slightly less flat. Seriously though, you dont even have to give this a second thought if you dont want to.

matt-likes-swords responds:

They don't have noses.

No comments needed

Just play the game, and you'll be scoring 10/10 for the game too.