Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy"

Great game.

But I have something to tell you: The Regi's aren't the coolest pokemon: Arceus is; The pokemon helping Zombie Goku is Dusskull not Cubone (Cubone is a lizard with a skull mask and he is holding a bone).

PS: I use to be a pokemon fan. So don't sey that I'm wrong becase I'm not.

the beholder ew other than that REALLY GREAT GAME

uh ok i understand wen the beholder puts his tentacles on or IN natalie but then the beholder did it to matt WHOA!!!!! and he looked he like doin it 2 natalie lol keep in mind do not take a long time on the beholder unless u wanna get raped lol other than that CANTI fooley cooley is me and my friends favourite anime FLCL 4 short canti is my fav char 2 so good choice matt best rpg on pc eva except PUT A SAVE OPTION goin to the back beginning is bein a drag and one of the achievmentz iz clikin the girls juggz but im sure everyone knowz that now and yea just waste ur money on ETHERZ AND BOB-OMBZ U CAN USE THE ETHERS FOR THE GIRL AND BOB OMBS FOR GOKU AND I THINK SPIRIT BOMB COUNTS AZ MAGIC SO IF UR OUT OF ETHERS BLOK WIT NATALIE AND ABSORB THE MAGIC that is all...

a great game!

but a bit too hard for me! ;)


love the game its soo fun
i allways play it in college


really fun, really hard, even on easy mode...