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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy"

Great Game!

Well animated, what can I say~ Lots of detail to boot; I felt like I was actually participating in one of your over-the-top flashes (I've been a fan for quite a while, hahah)! Love the l33t sp34k and other such random nonsense as well :3.

Props for the inclusion of Canti from "FLCL" as a summon ^^! *thumbs up*

Best turn based RPG!

Big fan of RPGs here and that was great! If someone didn't like this, they don't like turn based RPGs. 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!

So much content! So little time

I had so much fun on this. And all the references to other cartoons and animes were cool. The battle system was good but what I liked most is that you get to start where you would be at the end of any RPG! So you get the best without any work


Truely amazing gaming. Couldn't find a fla the whole game. It was fair, colorful scenes and amazing battle system. To be honest I found some of the normal enemies harder than the bosses due to the lack of magic I wanetd to use against lesser monsters.
Hint: There is a patern most people find out between the two warriors to beat the bosses. if found there is no way to lose.


I think this game teached me a lesson. Never trust a Moogle. They'll use your items on the wrong person. Seriously, most of the items were going to the male character.

The game was pretty fun. I got to kick zombie Goku's butt! FINALLY! I'm gonna try the other modes soon.