Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy"

Though it is not my thing!

I found a pretty hectic way to pass the time! Detailed, challenging, always gettin' tougher, its a good game for what its made for! I'd say the time spent shows, very good work


Words can not explain how i feel about this game! You are awesome for making this game! Don't even get me started about the animation the effects were so awesome! We should all pray that you make more games!

Great game, but...


That. Was. Awesome.

Most fun I've had on Newgrounds in a while.

But the final boss... WHY? Why did he have to come back? I couldn't even beat him in the last game... T_T

Oh, well. Beat him here. ^_^

Mog = best ability ever. Spam it against a single enemy to fully restore the party. Wish I had known earlier that the white mage regains mana from defending... Anyway, very good balance, very fun game, love the obscure references (Golden Palace theme FTW!). Gets a 10 in my book, and I don't give those out much. :)


This game is very cool,you putted very cool efects at it,very nice