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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Sick Game!

I love this game! The style is incredible and the game play smooth. For those of you who say the game is too choppy or anything along those lines then you are a sad soul indeed. I've played this game a lot and have found virtually nothing wrong with it.

Very nicely done, keep it up!

Where exactly does this fit...

Into the Blackmist cycle? To my knowledge Vandeer has already been defeated by Blackmist himself?

Or is this situated before that? But then how come Vandeer allies himself with Hawken in Armed with Wings 2, after Hawken has tried to kill him?

Well anyways, great game, pretty entertaining and with great graphics.


great game but wtf BSeato? do u think domestic abuse is awsome? >.> u need to get looked at...


Great game. The main charcter reminds me of Izma from the emperors new groove movie though.


very beautiful game, I like this style