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Reviews for "Red Moon"


I totally love the game, but i have one story question.
In Armed with Wings two, you're betrayed by brother Hawken, who als betrays Eivana (his sister?). but here you play as Eivana on Hawken's side, who betrayed you and Eivana and Hawken are going to betray Vanheer Lord (sp?) again?? and how can Hawken be resurrected if he has been killed by a Blade of Eden??
It's rather confusing :S
but i totally think this game is awesome!


Not sure if you ever intended this, but I've noticed with all your games you can jump and cancel any current animation you are doing...which is very useful actually. If you jump out of charging your attack, right after the attack then attack while in the air then your air attack will also add a bonus from the charge...it takes careful timing so whether or not it is a glitch or not, it really does add to the gameplay especially considering that (combined with sliding) you can really extend the range after charging your attack.

I found this game to be much more polished than the last black mist game. Movements felt less stiff and more...free...loved the wall jumping, and the voice acting...and everything...I take it this is the prequel.


yeaaaaaah LOVE IT 10/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep doing games like this!!


Bit difficult, even to start with. I just found out, The guy in the beginnning is HAWKEN! And the character you play as is EIVANA! Both from Armed with wings 2! holy cow!!

this is..

totally awesome !