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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Top-of-the-line platformer

Red Moon definitely is a top-of-the-line platformer. Great tutorial, gameplay, polished graphics and thoroughly tested pre-release (it seems: at least I couldn't find any bugs).

The multiple in-game graphic options are also cutting-edge as it eliminates the risk of lag for those with weaker hardware.

Congrats on a great game!

friggin fun

it was cool

Friggin Sweet...

The cinematics were very impressive, could be a little smoother is all, but nonetheless well done. Hawkin's voice actor was almost pro-level, but the girl's voice could use some improvement (no offense). Gameplay was well done, though I got kinda annoyed at slipping off some of the rocks and ledges, though I didn't die so it wasn't a problem. Next time though, it'd be cool if you'd add a block feature, getting smacked around by some of the grunts was really annoying. But yeah, a very well done game. Keep up the good work.


byfar one of the best (flash)games ive played,i wish it was on a console.

my friend i hope for your sake you do not stumble by a game titled dark souls then because if you find this difficult you have never known true frustration