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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Silver-wolf, you have to keep holding the left or right arrow key while wall jumping.

this game is pure awesome! the graphics are nice , the attacks were cool and the story was fantastic! can you make a sequel to this game.

this game hates me or i just suck

i can't wall jump on the stupid wall no matter how much i try sorry man i can't continue this game cause of this i tried everything i can do just to do a fucking wall jump but i just fail and i tried and tried but it won't work so yeah
but i will give it a six i would give it a 2 or a 4 but 6 will do

so cool

very cool and very fun for 13+ poeple i hope we enjoy this game ^^

Piercing the Darkness

This was a fun game. The controls were easy to use and the background had a bit more detail than your previous Armed With Wings games. Eivana's fighting skills were superb and the cutscenes were fun to watch. Double jumps helped me around each stage. It was very fun to unlock each medal, although some are extremely hard to grasp. This game deserves a 10/10.
P.S. I think Eivana is a hot game character XP