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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Armed with Wings

Armed with Wings is by the same person, this is probably just a polished up version of it. I haven't played it yet (Armed with Wings, that is) so that's just a guess...there may be other things too


How do you put the awards here?

Another wonderful installment to the series.

Ive been in love with this style of game since you released armed with wings 2, and the new jumping puzzles were amazingly challenging.

I will confess one dissatisfaction with the game. I am trying to complete the red orbs challenge, but there's no way for me to do it without falling at one point, which, I will definitely say, is pretty fucking annoying.

It is the stage where at one point you have one of those tentacles set up for jumping on a floating platform. Two red orbs on either side. Whenever I try to double jump it, the mechanics only bounce me off the platform to my impending doom.

Can I collect all the orbs even if I die and skip the ones I know Ive collected for the stage? Or do I have to collect them all per retry, because I know the music and art unlocks dissapear if you've collected them once... But not the orbs.

Anyway. There were a few glitches with the jumping, and it seemed very fiddly. I was displeased with the charging system, but otherwise the two main battles, ESPECIALLY THE LAST ONE were satisfying and completely rewarding to beat. It was a real challenge!

Cut scenes are well animated, but I don't like how you cut to the silhouettes, then add outlines overtop of them. The anatomy just looks... Off somehow. The silhouettes are much more stylish (I understand you need to use lines for lip synching and facial expression, but bodylanguage can go miles too.)

Anyway, pleeease keep making these games. Theyre my favorites on the whole site.



The Girl's Voice is weird... It has no emotion...

Animation is like Vermillion...Nice.