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Reviews for "Just a few buds"


stupid and waste of my time everything was stupid

if i was still high

this would have been but if i was still high

This sucks o.o

Not the best graphics, movies were completly random and weren't that good only thing that was good was the music and still...


I only gave it a 5/5 because Pink-Floyd is in it.


as TheReeferman down below me said
this flash is filled with awsome music.

yet, if i was stuned[and i think this flash is ment to be seen on the effect of weed], i dont think i well enjoy all of the parts, they maybe even give me a bad feeling/fear/paranoya

some parts was awsome[the one eyed ball in triangle..the changing colour leaf and more] and some was pretty bad...aslike the bang exploding head and the green eye idea could have seen better[but a good idea...]

nice concept anyway. 7