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Reviews for "Just a few buds"

That was sum...

grate shhit damn, i ain'y sure if it was cuz i was blazed or what but damn I watched that shit untaie I could type normal. fuc I want sum damn sumthin

its weird

idk its seems pointless and needs more action or funny or idk
its just short and boring each film

aw ye son

all these haters.
liked the fact you had some KMK and the wHo in there.
yea should have incorporated kottonmouth kings song "420" in there
but ye fuck the haters smoke the fat bleezys

i really see no point.

even if i was baked, this sh*t wouldn't be fun to look at.
the only reason i'm giving a two is because of the reference to Hitler's birthday.
that's really the only clever thing about this.

cmon now boy and have a cigar

yayaya 420 flash ! 10 just for that , great work i would have made something if i had knownnnnn about this muahhhhhh

.. also , who are you ? haha