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Reviews for "Just a few buds"

Wow I just noticed I never review this..
I've watched this lieka million times and it has been in my favorites tab for years.
Great shit to watch under the influence 420/5!

The use of drugs for inspiration...

...has always been questionable to me.

On one hand, it allows us to explore the mind beyond what we can comprehend.
On the other hand, it is extremely detrimental to our health.
This is a good dedication to the 420 aka : Cannabias Culture
But I'm not one to support it.
But I do support the art!

UnderARock responds:

and thats all that matters :3
good job reviewing the treasure hunt stuff, what a trooper

Pretty entertaining.

This was an excellent tribute to the celebration of 420. Some of the parts were better than others, but you all did a nice job of mixing good color schemes that looked pretty sweet. I think I liked Dyln's part the best, the obscure sense of humor that it contained was enough to make me smile. Nasty-Nates part was nice too, I mainly liked the song though. All of the music was good for the parts, they all fit the theme of the flash very well.

The style that UnderARock uses is very distinct, I am always impressed by the technique he uses to animate his characters. I like how other people had their own styles of drawing too, the whole collaboration was nice. Some pieces contained less effort which dragged down the collab somewhat, but I still liked the finished product. Keep up the good work everybody!

UnderARock responds:

Thanks man, its always nice to hear my stuff is distinctive

insert subject here

fantasticated stuff, i especially enjoyed your parts. tiny swirls in rectangular pupils, my loops just don't deserve to be entertaining without that depth of detail and creativity. also the music in that bit was well good too, what was it?
i dunno how peeps can get flustered at these menu collabs, they're always so easy to please.

UnderARock responds:

why thank yah sir, coming from a swell guy such as yourself c:
and im pretty sure the music in that part is a section of Time by Pink Floyd

Awwww shitttttt

The 3rd one made me high without even...smoking lol.D:ldsfzx