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Reviews for "Just a few buds"


When finals are over I am going to smoke myself to DEATH!!!! WOOHOO!!!

The Rutger Song

What's the name of that song with the triangle cyclops?

Anyway, good flash. Real trippy, but I like trippy.

Sweet! Happy 4:20 bitches!

man when i first watched this i was WAY 2 baked to leave a review...haha... i smoke 2 much on 4;20.. shit loads of bong hits lots of spliffs all day long... and at 4:20pm we had 2 SUPER BLUNTS (one was 14 Gs and the other 16 Gs) so i was really messed up hahaha.... but now watching this sober...meh not so great... but when ur high... this is the shit man! great job.. I LIKE IT! well when i was baked i did...

UnderARock responds:

sounds like you had a dammn good 420


well, the art style was cool, and the music was ok, but honestly, I think you could do better than a few shitty loops.

Haha nice!

I don't even smoke anymore, haven't for years but this is pretty damn good!
I really like the animation style, you should make more movies in this vein.
Also, I'm getting really sick and tired of all the squares out there bashing people
who like to enjoy in any type of drug libations.
No one is forcing you to do drugs so get over yourselves... although if you smoked a bowl or two maybe that stick might finally get lodged out from your asses, peace!