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Reviews for "Just a few buds"

Not that awesome

Well the gfx was nice in most parts. But nothing more. No point, no fun, seriously no animation. And that's true - writing here stuff like 'woah I'm blazed blah blah awesome movie' is preaty pathetic. If someone is seriosly watching newgrounds after smoking - get a fucking life junkies.

Shoulda put a Gotti in the middle...

They all looked big enough to be gottis so like an even bigger version haha

and make his head a bong:D

Happy late f0 t00 0

ehhh boring

and to all those fag tweens saying " o shit dude i smoke weed etc." shut the fuck up if you talk too much shit bout something then for sure you dont do shit most of the people who say they smoke dont smoke dont even been near the shit so shut the fuck up to all those fags saying the smoke weed fucking cunts!


this would be alright to watch when your blazed, but serreuslly who goes on the computer when theyre baked? i would probobly just laugh at my small mouse for a good ten minuates...

Happy 420!

I love watchin trippy things when im high lol. anyone who thinks this sucks when you're stoned have obviously not smoked weed and never will because they have no life. Happy 420 everyone!