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Reviews for "Just a few buds"

Nice collab, good job.

First of all, thanks for including pink floyd and the who. You guys should put a list of all the clips of music you used so people can check them out. The Hitler shit was kinda strong but hell, its almost impossible for this flash not to be controversial as it is. Benyb245 this isnt where you should unload all youre emotinal shit, Jesus clusterfuck, i couldnt read your full review. This is in frontpage because it should be, nothing more to say.

Eh.... not so good

Ya i smoke weed EVERY day. but damn dude this was just plain stupid. when im high im almost never on the computer anyways. and if i am, its with a few friends around watching funny shit this is for some 1 on acid with no life or something


i enjoyed it lots

hope you were't proud of this

sorry but that was just terrible i only gave it a 1 because of the zelda spoof, and why is it funny to make fun of Jews? i don't get it well anyway this collaboration more repulsive than gay porn (if your straight) better luck next time, try not to be so stereotypical with the "freaking out" try to be original cause all of those were basically alike.

- with constructive criticism, Shane Thrice

to the guy below

benyb, i'm half in agreement w u. Real stoners dont have to be posers. So many are. But in every group, there are imposters - people who are there just so they can fit in with others. They aren't original, they dont contribute, they copy. This is true for any field, any lifestyle. I'm probably the only person who read your whole spiel so I thought I'd log in and put my 2cents in.