Reviews for "In Solitude"

Loved it

Wonderful and a great message.

Makes perfect sense

This is a deep message:

"In solitude we are least alone."

Yes, one person alone is thought to be in solitude.

Yet, there is always more than one person who is in solitude, so those persons all share that common characteristic, making them the "least alone". They are all in the same boat, per say, whether they realise it or not.

Very Interesting

it was very interesting but it didnt have much of a plot other than to provide the simple quote/statement "In Solitude, we are least alone".

But the thing is, Solitude is when you ARE alone... so it doesnt make any sence unless you think of it as others are in Solitude like how you may be.

Just 1 last question. What was the song name?


Seriously, what was the point of that? Nice flash tho.


This flash is a perfect example of one of the few flashes that can change someones life. Most flashes make you laugh and you forget about it, but this is a rarity. A person could be sitting at his/her computer thinking that their life lonely life is useless. They watch this flash hoping that someone feels like they do. This flash could possibly show a light on their situation and show them that they are not alone. I give this a 10/10 for the great moving music and meaningful animation.