Reviews for "In Solitude"

Loved it

The animation was good. Nice message. Relatable. The music was bit repetitive.

PS Your name is Randy Marsh? Are you a fan of South Park?

Truly Outstanding

This flash submission sticks out the most through it's stylish presentation and storyline that I believe it does anywhere else. Your artwork and animation were nothing short of superb. Your sound choice matched perfectly with the storyline and last but not least the storyline was probably one of the best I've seen. I enjoyed this flash very much and would recommend it to anyone. To start off with the blank page and let the mind wonder.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Superb Sound
*Masterful Story
*Deep Message

|| Bad Points ||


loverly music, brilliant animation and drawing style.

One thing tho, the kid with the ball.
He was a member of the Rebel Aliance and a Traitor!
Take him away!


I like the music, and this explains alot about how some people feel.


WOW...word just doesn't come to mind when i watch this. What i am i saying. This flash movie is deep about people feel alone some times