Reviews for "In Solitude"

i know how they feel

i am never really alone but i feel as if i always am

You've struck a fundamental truth...

The Lord said, "It is not good for the man to be alone." -Genesis 2:18

IMO, the best stories are those which recount the basic truths of the world and of the nature of mankind. This animation does that, and does it well.


There really isn't anything flashy or in your face about this flash... like solitude it's solumn but somewhat comforting with the music. I love the animation, the music, the end point about not being alone in solitude. Just a perfect and beautiful flash for that point.

So good!

Yeah, yeah, ItĀ“s so good, but that awful sound in the begining and the music that keeps sound in the end, are not good...
Just sugestinĀ“...
Jeep the good work! =D


But when I go into solitude i'm gone so long, and when I come back their all like "where were you" and "cold case files made a report"