Reviews for "In Solitude"

Pretty Good

It was a great movie, but a little to long for me... Like when the boy threw the ball...
But other than that, I found that it was great!


You know why.

very touching

This was very well done. Probably the first 10 I have ever given, we need much more artworks like this where the maker actually uses their brain to put together something that makes you think. Please make many more.

Done well

its been a while since I've seen something more serious and dramatic,
its a good style so keep doing flash, its nice to see something that isn't all humor.

its not perfect but its good keep practicing.

well done

I loved it. A serious flash with a distinctive art style. great background music that set the mood perfectly. i havent seen much else like it, so kudos for the originality! keep up the great work!