Reviews for "In Solitude"

Loneliness and Sorrow

I almost felt like crying, when I saw this.
The world today, causes these things to happen. And it's up to us, as people, to prevent it... but all we do is stand back, and let it happen, let people go into Solitude.
People are alone, because we let them alone, and they suffer because of it
If we won't befriend them, who will?

I'm going to write a nice long review, but if you don't feel like reading it, then here's it short:
It was excellent. Nothing was wrong with it. Loved it.


Flash Skills, Drawings, and Music are Top-Notch.
The Music was beautifully played. Yeah, when you have it ready and uploaded to the Audio Portal, I'm sticking that onto my Phone!!
The Flash skills has no glitches or anything, not from what I could see, anyway, and it all worked and made sense in the movie.
Your drawing skills are expert-like, and you should consider making art.
You could probably make some good money out of it, if you were to sell some.

10/10 Score
5/5 Emotion
Added to Favorites

Very well done. I think it looked better in Black and White than it probably would have in Color, so don't change anything there.
I don't have any reccomendations for you, because there wasn't anything wrong with it.
Well done!

Thanks for reading!


it was a bit depressing, i dident really see the point


Really made me think about my life, and how i am never really alone. Figures. Nice choice of music.


It was very well done and I liked the music.

Subtle political statement

Cool vid. The second kid, looked a lot like Kevin Rudd.