Reviews for "In Solitude"

that was so good

not the sort of thing i wud usually enjoy, but it was realy well done and i enjoid it alot.

So sad!

Reminded me of my loner years... brought a tear to my eye ;o;

I can honestly say I enjoyed this

I loved how all of it tied in together. Music was fantasic, went well with the flash. The animation is 9/10 For the fact that people didn't move and for the ones that did the body movement didn't move fluently like an acctual human. I understand that this was hand-drawn so I'm going too deep into this. Keep it up, study different peoples movement (I.e. just sit at the mall and watch people walk) and write more music! I Enjoyed the emotion of the music.

Nice work

I really liked the song and it did go vary will with the video.

Great work

I like the progressive style of the animation - the scene is constructed as the viewer looks on. The music definitely adds a strong sense of atmosphere to the piece. The style reminds me, at some abstract level, of the work of Edward Gorey, but clearly it is an original work.

Something I like it about it, too, is that there's a sense of honest classiness about it. You can't bottle and sell that.

Here's to hoping you may have an opportunity to share more of your work with the NG community -- and to the muses of the artist's career, as if it was an art form in itself.