Reviews for "TTB Vol. 2 "Gettysbear""


I was born and raised in the small town of Gettysburg and I find this video horribly offensive.

I actually didn't finish watching it. It seemed decent though. I'm pretty drunk.

Hope this review was helpful!

altffour responds:

I like your jib-cut, little guy.


the whole thing was great and honestly this would be perfect on the late-night line up thats on tv. this kind of madness is what people up at 12 like to watch to get a laugh.

Happy birthdeh mister prezedent.

I havent laughed so hard in a long time thanks for sharing this with us.

Needs a little bit more work

I can tell that this movie has some good potential, but the jokes don't really connect. I'm all for off the wall humor but I think the dialogue needs to be upgraded.
The idea of time traveling bears who have crude personalities and like to kill people is great, you're definitely on the right track with that.
I hope to see more of these made with more "LOL" material!

altffour responds:

Volume III is called "LOL material central" so it looks like you're in luck


Bearputer was awsome!