Reviews for "TTB Vol. 2 "Gettysbear""


Witty, classy, well written comedy. Especially about the parts about Mr. M. Keaton., Jules Verne and Bearputer.

P.S. Would it not be T.T.B.S.?

14K Gold but not 24k Platinium

Amazing but not perfect, humour, style and violence. The stuff i was raised on just missing a breast.

Why is the only female bear evil? It just wierd the usual is there's always a female in a time.

But this isn't the usual it a guy i mean bear doing there thing.

I wish to see a well lived series out of this.

Good job on the writting and the cast.

altffour responds:

Time Bears has no evil characters. Only shades of Grey. Shebear has been through a lot.


sooo nice


But well. I enjoyed the randomness in this xD.


altffour responds:

There is nothing random about time bears. It is calculated like a precise watch. The time bears are watchmans.

Good Shit!

A humourous and amusing video. The voice acting was great (especially Grizz) and the writing was inventive. The artist brings his own particular style to the piece. If there is any complaint it would be the lack of post production sound effects and ambiance. The lack of such "filler" noise can make the pacing seem slow.

But don't take my word for it kids, watch it yourself!