Reviews for "TTB Vol. 2 "Gettysbear""

silly bears

hilarious, and i kinda liked that abe lincolnd sounded like sean connercy haha, nice job

bearz are danger

this is fun, when ur up late this is the stuffs, funny humor like this.
I havent seen the first episode. i might go and watch it now! or.. i will, xD
Did u get the idea from silverphang? or what the name was.. :P


Geez, I asked when the sequel would come out to TTB 1, like, a freakin' YEAR ago! I GUESS it was worth the wait... Aw, who'm I kiddin'? of course it was worth the wait!

altffour responds:

We're going to try to make the next one more quickly because waiting is for chumps, and people who watch time bears are not chumps.


This is preposterous.

Bears can't time travel.

kinda slow

Good jokes, but pacing was slow. Not as tight as the first episode. I didn't make it until the end.