Reviews for "TTB Vol. 2 "Gettysbear""

Bear with me plz

If the song didn't make me fall in love with this, surely it must of been She Bear. The animations were limited but well done were they were needed, and the voices are superb, but the jokes hit and miss. The script is terrific, but the graphic jokes could be toned downed....or at least have rainbows come out in order to lessen the impact...although it might as well make things worse. Kudos Brah

love the gore

the graphics were great, keep up the good work


mmm shebear. quite yiffable. Great ending!

altffour responds:

cool. feel free to yiff it.

More TTB, plz.

Fuck yeah, that was great. Fuck all the whiney bitches crying over the awesomeness that is this cartoon. Great art style, solid animation and some fuck-yeah-my-dick-is-hard tunes.


my volume doesnt work but i cant say won kinda funny part i liked ................................rip off everywons face why dont you lol